Team Sabrina.jpg

Sabrina Pryer

Tom's girlfriend, business partner and travelling groom. Sabrina also oversee's the yard and all the paperwork.




Team Beth.jpg

Beth Attwell - Level 3 Apprentice Groom

Beth is nearing the end of her level 3 apprenticeship. We are pleased to say that once she has completed her Apprenticeship she will be staying on as a full time groom. Beth also goes to some of the Competitions with Tom and has proven to be a reliable, fun and enthusiast member of the team.

Team Vet.jpg

David McDonald BVM&S, MRCVS - Milbourne Veterinary Practice

David has been part of the team since the business started and is always on hand to lend his expertise often dropping in on his way to and from the practice just to check on horses. He is an integral part of the team and is very invested in each of the horses.             

Team Chiropractor.jpg

Olivia Jones - Kent and Sussex Chiropractic

Lil is heavily involved on many different levels as well as owning a leg in Newmarket Prospect and being a close friend to Tom and Sabrina she is an integral part of the team as well as making sure all the horses are feeling at there best she is always at the fore front of any new cutting edge idea's and theory's. When she is not treating other horses or lecturing in Germany she often comes to events. 

Team Alfie.jpg

Alfie - Team Mascot

Alfie goes everywhere with Tom and Sabrina and is well know on the eventing circuit. Fun loving, happy go lucky making sure everyone is in the right places at the right time. Great supervisor/distraction!! 

Team Demi.jpg

Demi Thomas - Yard Manger

Demi has been with us since September 2017 and is already an essential part of the team ensuring all the horses stay in tip top condition when Tom is away competing and managing the day to day running of the yard. She is organised and takes huge pride in her work, is great with the horses as well as being a fun personality to have around. 

team charlotte.jpg

Charlotte Manning - Level 2 Apprentice Groom

Charlotte joined the team at the end of November 2017. She will be working towards her Level 2 Apprenticeship. Charlotte has a keen attitude and loves to give the horses lots of affection. She is proving to be a valuable member of the team.                                    

team pippa funnell.jpg

Pippa Funnell - Trainer                       

Pippa needs no introduction and Tom feels very privileged to be able to train with her on a regular basis. She has been extremely helpful on both a training front and horse management side of things. Tom feels she has changed his way of riding for the better and is extremely grateful for all of her help.

Team Greg nuttall.jpg

Greg Nuttall AWCF - Farrier

We are very lucky to have Greg as our Farrier. His care and attention to detail is second to none when shoeing the horses. Giving each of them the best possible platform to ensure each horse can perform to its optimum.            




Big Bark.jpg

Alex Randell - Big Bark PR

Alex and the team at Big Bark have been instrumental in bringing TJE out of the dark ages looking after our PR, social media, website and sponsorship.