Fairfax Saddles

At Fairfax Saddles, their mission is to improve the horse’s performance with a range of scientifically-proven saddles, bridles and girths.

Fairfax products help prevent muscular restriction and improve freedom of movement, these claims are backed up with accurate and scientific data.




TopSpec is the UK leading manufacturer of high quality horse feed balancers and supplements.  They also produce a range of blends and chops.  All the products are suitable for FEI and racing being BETA-NOPS assured. 

'TopSpec are delighted to be supplying top quality feeds and supplements to Tom Jackson Eventing and are committed to supporting young riders and working with them to help them achieve their goals.'



Arioneo specialises in the development of solutions for the Equine world to provide accurate insight and analysis into performance and health for all horses.

Our knowledge encompasses electronics, embedded software, design, web and mobile skills, algorithmic programming, and horse physiology. 


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Nigel Goddard Photography

Nigel Goddard is a freelance editorial photographer specialising in providing equine and related pictures to the UK and international media.

His pictures have appeared in Horse & Hound, Eventing, The Irish Field and many other specialist publications in the UK and worldwide.